higher education

Experienced education writer and editor for education authors and major publishers, including McGraw-Hill, Teachers College Press, NAEYC, and Redleaf Press.

Supplements Writer:
MHHE Ed Psych
Lifespan Development
Classroom Assessment
Psychology: The Science of Mind & Behavior
Learning from the Bumps in the Road
Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs
What You Need to Lead
Leading on Purpose

family & kids

Professional writer, editor, and proofreader for magazines, including Shanghai Family, City Weekend Shanghai, San Diego Family Magazine, USA TODAY, LA Times, & more.

SHF Health Guide
SHF School Directory
SHF Jan 2016 Helping Hands
SHF Time to Let Go
SHF Stop Thinking
SHF No Snooze You Lose
Shanghai Family Proof
City Weekend Proof
SHEX Guide for Newbies



Freelance writer for lifestyle and corporate clients, including Porsche China, Mandarin House, and Regency Web. Authored articles, book content, proposals, blogs, and more.

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